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Support Time FAQ

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the monthly time included in your Website Care Plan. If you have a question that isn't answered here, let us know.

How does monthly support time work?

To submit a support request, simply send an email to, which creates a support ticket in our system to communicate with you on the status of your request efficiently.

TIP: be descriptive in the subject line. This is what you will see on your monthly support time report. e.g., "Update contact page with new phone number," rather than "update website".

What if we go over our time for the month?

Any monthly support time overage will be billed at the end of each quarter at our regular hourly rate.

You can see your total monthly time and the overage for each month in Support Time Overage under the Notebook tab.

If you find that you are regularly exceeding your monthly support time, you may consider upgrading to a different plan or purchasing a time block.

What is considered a support request?

Support requests include:

  • content edits
  • adding new images and videos
  • making style adjustments
  • uploading blog posts (with your provided content)
  • adding new pages (with your provided content)

Support requests do not include:

  • content creation
  • graphic design
  • custom functionality (e.g., adding e-commerce or a membership portal)
  • significant structural changes
  • email support aside from emails generated from the website

Why do I see multiple time entries on a single request in the time report?

Quality Assurance. Each task is tested and reviewed after completion. If QA fails, it may be sent back for revisions.

Does support time rollover?

Our support time is a retainer. This monthly time is there to reserve your place in our queue and our resources each month. However, our team will address your requests typically within 1 day, depending on the request.

We have a project or a lot of changes coming up. What should we do?

If you know you’ll have requests that will go over your support time or have a specific project in mind, we suggest purchasing a time block that gives you a set number of hours at a reduced hourly rate.

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